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AEG Scientists Present Paper at International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage

Alexco Commemorates Over Five Years at Keno Hill

Through AEG, Alexco has a contractual arrangement to remediate environmental impacts from past mining activities in the Keno Hill Silver District on behalf of the Government of Canada and in partnership with the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun. AEG currently treats over one billion liters of water each year in the District and annually prevents about 100,000 kilograms of zinc and other heavy metals from the historic mines from entering the region’s streams. The amount of zinc entering the environment has been reduced by over 90 per cent since Alexco began its environmental activities.

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Alexco Receives Water Licence Amendment

AEG provides integral support for all Alexco Resource Corp. assessment and permitting activities in the Keno Hill Silver District.  With this support, Alexco Resource received a water licence amendment that enables production from two additional mines in the District.

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A Renaissance In Globeville

Redevelopment at the Asarco smelting plant site in the Globeville neighborhood in Denver, CO.

Work continues Wednesday at the 77-acre site of the former Asarco smelting plant in Denver. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

AEG was the general contractor on behalf of Enviro Finance Group, the brownfield developer overseeing the redevelopment of the Asarco Globeville Smelter facility in north Denver, Colorado. AEG’s scope was overseeing all of the soil and groundwater remediation for the Site, including in situ treatment of heavy metals, design, build, and operations of an industrial water treatment facility, and the stabilization of over 600,000 cubic yards of soils and plant site wastes. This article summarizes the resultant societal benefits of this project.

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AEG Supports Research Into Bioremediation In The Northern Climate

Mini bioreactors in the lab at the Yukon College’s Yukon Research Centre allow Amelie Janin to study specialized bacteria, which could be utilized at northern mine sites for their ability to strip toxic heavy metals from contaminated water. (Photo: Yukon College)

AEG has made it a priority to support Yukon based bioremediation studies. Bioremediation has been extensively demonstrated to work efficiently, but rarely in northern climates. AEG has partnered with Yukon College, both to support local students and to increase confidence in the use of bioremediation in the extreme climates of the North.

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