Signature Projects

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AEG has provided environmental consulting services and mine permitting and licensing for numerous projects, companies and organizations, from small exploration companies to large multinational mining corporations, across many jurisdictions. Using a basket of technologies including proprietary and commonly available technologies, AEG has demonstrated and developed a strong track record of technology applications and project execution across a number of sectors, most notably in the global mining business.

Significant projects successfully executed by AEG include:

    • Sweetwater Mine – open pit lake treatment – selenium, nitrate, and uranium in situ (Kennecott)
    • Brewery Creek – heap leach treatment, large scale mine project/closure management (Quest)
    • BHP Ekati – closure plan development, project management (BHP Billiton)
    • Barite Hill – open pit lake treatment – copper, cadmium, zinc (US EPA)
    • Quirivilca – underground in-situ treatment demonstration (Pan American Silver, Peru)
    • Platoro – underground in-situ treatment arsenic and zinc; wastewater sludge management and reinjection (Union Gold)
    • Cotter Schwartzwalder – underground in-situ treatment, mobile RO water treatment plant design/construction (Cotter Corp)
    • Asarco Globeville – soils remediation, WTP design/construction, in-situ groundwater treatment, large scale project management (ASARCO Trust, Enviro Finance, State of Colorado)
    • Eagle Mine – sludge management (CBS/Viacom)
    • Keno Hill – large scale project management, bioreactor technology demonstration, water treatment operations (Alexco Resource Corp; AANDC)
    • Ambrosia Lake BHP Billiton – site management for the closure of the Ambrosia Lake mine and mill complex (BHP Billiton)