Environmental Consulting Services

AEG provides a broad range of environmental consulting services to clients across a number of sectors including mining, oil and gas, transportation, government and First Nations. We provide Sustainable Solutions for Resource Development and offer the following Environmental Consulting Services:

  • Baseline Environmental Studies
    • Water quality and hydrology
    • Fisheries and habitat investigations
    • Stream sediments and benthos
    • Climate
    • Wildlife and wildlife habitat studies
    • Surficial geology and aggregate source investigations
    • Socio-economic
    • Anthropology, archaeology and native heritage
    • Acid rock drainage test work and analyses
  • Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment
  • Health Safety Environment and Community Plans
  • Development Assessment
  • Strategic Advice/Issues Management
  • Environmental Training
  • Mine Closure & Decommissioning Plans
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services & Analyses
  • Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD)
  • Environmental and Compliance Audits
  • Exploration Land Management
  • Contaminated Site Investigations, Site Assessments and Plans of Restoration

For more information contact:

Scott Keesey – Sr. Environmental Manager (867) 668-6463